Genetic Genealogy, Munster Clare

Shannon Valley Genetic Genealogy Conference

3:30 p.m. Saturday 15 July 2023

That Beats Banagher Festival, Crank House Venue, Banagher, Co. Offaly, R42 DE61

by Paddy Waldron

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County Clare DNA and genealogy projects

Countywide projects

Surname-specific projects

I will organise USD100 discount for up to five males of any of the following surnames (or variant spellings) who order Big Y-700:

The morals of a recent discussion starting in the Sexton Facebook group include:

  1. segments of autosomal DNA never follow surnames for more than a small number of generations, eventually and inevitably coming from a female ancestor with a different surname if one goes back far enough; but
  2. segments of autosomal DNA often remain in the same parish for many more generations (endogamy or ethnicity?); and
  3. looking for triangulated matches should be the starting point of any search for the relationship between two DNA matches, and can save a lot of time-wasting going down rabbit holes in pursuit of shared surnames, in particular very common surnames, and even in pursuit of less common surnames like O'Dea and Sexton.

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Conclusion: Why you should submit your DNA

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