Creating a Y DNA Project

Galway Genetic Genealogy Conference

10:20 a.m. Saturday 4 May 2019

Holy Rosary College, Mountbellew, County Galway

by Paddy Waldron

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Y chromosome or Y-DNA comparison is the best way of either:
What is Y-DNA? Two types of mutation can be found on the Y chromosome: Y-DNA analysis began many years ago by looking at patterns of STR values from the Y chromosome. These values mutate relatively frequently in both directions.
More recently, once-in-the-history-of-mankind SNPs began to be identified:
It was eventually realised that these SNPs are a much better way of categorising men than the patterns of reversible STR mutations which were originally used on their own.

The following questions may be of interest when comparing the Y chromosomes of two men with similar surnames:
The science or art of placing men on the human family tree or Tree of Mankind, often called the Y haplotree, has evolved rapidly in recent years, mostly thanks to Y-DNA projects and their volunteer administrators.


Joining FTDNA is the only effective option for Y-DNA projects:

Joining projects

Y-DNA projects can be
Once you have your initial Y-DNA results, you can join appropriate haplogroup projects.

Most geography-based projects use some combination of Y-DNA, autosomal DNA and mitochondrial DNA, e.g. various Irish projects.

By joining projects:
This is why FTDNA effectively pays customers to join projects via discounted prices for Y-DNA analysis.

Becoming a co-administrator

Application procedure

If there is no existing project for your surname or geographical area of interest, then start your own ...

If you are happy to deal with the spam risk, then you can apply to set up your own project by following a simple five-step application process (which actually consists of only four steps!).

Project objectives

Administrators will probably want to do some or all of the following:

Administration tools

The must useful of the many tools on the GAP 2.0 Home Page include:


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