Dear correspondent

Unlike Donald Knuth, I still have an email address and still value it.

I get a lot of emails and it is not practical for me to answer them all instantly or even to read them all instantly. If you need me urgently, please telephone me on +353 87 2547230.

I understand that others will likewise not find it practical to answer my emails instantly. Please do not waste both of our time by replying to my email merely to tell me that you will reply to it more fully later.

I am trying hard to keep all my email addresses spam-free and virus-free.

Please help me (and all your other correspondents) to achieve this objective, in particular:

Also, please note that I use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage all my correspondence, so

I greatly regret that the enormous potential of email and the Internet has been destroyed by spammers and the creators of viruses. I especially regret that I allowed my own previous email addresses and possibly even others' addresses to get into the wrong hands.


Thank you for your cooperation

Paddy Waldron

Last updated: 28 July 2020.

First published: 18 October 2013