National Famine Commemoration 2013:

Community Meeting

Kilrush Golf Club


Tuesday 5 February 2013


History of National Famine Commemoration:

Kilrush and The Great Famine

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2013 Programme of Events

It is envisaged that a ten-day Programme of Events for the Kilrush Famine Commemoration will begin with a launch on Friday 3 May 2013

We welcome your ideas for this Programme of Events, for example:

  • publications
  • book launches
  • exhibitions
  • research projects
  • horticultural events
  • erection of memorials or plaques
  • historical events
  • re-enactments
  • heritage events
  • arts events
  • musical events
  • maritime events
  • lectures
  • tours
  • outings to famine sites
  • school events
  • competitions
  • educational opportunities
  • plays
  • workshops
  • radio broadcasts
  • the Gathering 2013 events
  • religious commemorations
  • special guests
  • fundraising for famine-related charities

Will the National Famine Commemoration complement or clash with any existing local events?

How can we maximise publicity for these events?