Limerick's  gunrunners 1914

Castleconnell Historical Society

8pm Wednesday 14 January 2015, Shannon Inn, Castleconnell

by Paddy Waldron

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Mount Trenchard Memorial

1913/1914 Timeline

What were the guns for or against?

The crews of the three yachts

The Limerick people aboard

Conor O Brien and Kitty O Brien were siblings.

Mary Spring-Rice was their second cousin.

All three were greatgrandchildren of Thomas Spring-Rice, 1st Baron Monteagle (1790-1866), and all three were born in London, as their parents were essentially absentee landlords!

Monteagle's statue stands in the People's Park, Pery Square:

Rice's Memorial
Rice's Memorial

Conor O'Brien (1880-1952)

Conor O Brien
Conor O'Brien's grave at Mount Trenchard

Kitty O'Brien (1885-1951)

Kitty O'Brien
Kitty O'Brien's grave

Mary Spring-Rice (1880-1924)

Mary Spring-Rice and Molly Childers

George Cahill (1888-1921)

George Cahill

Tom Fitzsimons (1894-1976)

Mike O'Shaughnessy and Tom Fitzsimons

Sir Thomas Myles (1857-1937)

Sir Thomas Myles
George Ferdinand Shaw

On the beach at Kilcoole, a bronze plaque on a granite boulder reminds the visitor of the events that took place there in 1914. Sir Thomas Myles is named on the Kilcoole monument.


None of the six Limerick gunrunners produced any offspring.  Four of the six were members of the Church of Ireland.

Mount Trenchard Memorial Committee

Unveiling of monument took place at 2p.m. Sunday 21 September 2014.