Why I have moved from tribalpages.com to TNG

by Paddy Waldron

6 Aug 2013

I set up pwaldron.tribalpages.com on 24 Feb 2008 but was forced to abandon it in favour of running TNG at pwaldron.info/tng on 1 Aug 2013. I had paid my annual tribalpages.com subscription up to 29 Mar 2014 before abandoning it.

Like any genealogical work and any software project, both websites have been constantly, probably permanently, under reconstruction.

tribalpages.com has lots of advantages over other sites which display family tree databases online, including:

tribalpages.com also has lots of disadvantages, which ultimately outweigh the advantages:

I'm sure I'll find bugs in TNG in future, but so far it seems to solve all my TribalPages.com problems.

I have introduced numerous other people to TribalPages.com over the five years plus for which I used it; those who enter their data directly on the website appear more satsified than I am, until they realise that they have to pay to back it up to an offline GEDCOM file.

In recent months, I in turn have been introduced to TNG by three satisfied users, namely Terry Fitzgerald, Bríd Talty and Aileen Wynne.

It did take several days to get everything up and running in TNG and along the way I needed a little assistance from the helpful folks at tngforum.us and at dreamhost.com.