and DNA

Mayo Genealogy Group

6 p.m. Friday 10 May 2024

Park Hotel, Kiltimagh

by Paddy Waldron

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Genetic genealogy involves both comparing DNA and comparing family trees.  There are multiple websites designed to assist in each task, but few designed to assist in both tasks simultaneously.  All have their own advantages and disadvantages.  This talk aims to convince the audience that the advantages of, properly used, greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

For several decades, I remained an advocate of desktop genealogy software over web-based family trees.  Efficient data entry using keyboard shortcuts, and control of my own backups, seemed preferable to battling slow broadband and trusting my work to the whims and financial imperatives of a commercial website owner.

In more recent years, as my database grew larger and my remaning life expectancy grew shorter, my views changed and I have become an advocate of a collaborative single world tree, in particular WikiTree .


Questions for the audience ...

How can there be more than one editable, correctable, single world trees?

How do you and your matches link your new genealogical discoveries to your DNA kits?


How to use

DNA features of

Mayo people on WikiTree

More advanced features of WikiTree

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